StoreTender Online HQ Version 8  ©2015,  Aloha Data Systems, Inc.

Receiving (Main Menu / Tasks / Receiving)





The receiving screen allows receiving directly from a supplier with or without a purchase order.




Find - Selects and displays an existing receiving document (see Find Dialog)


New - Creates a new receiving document.


Delete - Permanently deletes the current receiving document.


Apply - Applies the current document against inventory and closes the document from further editing.


Save - Saves changes to the current receiving document and leaves the document open for further editing.


Cancel - Cancels the current operation.


Close - Closes the Receiving form.


Import - Imports inventory items received from either a file or PDT device (see Import Options).


Print - Prints the current receiving document (see Report Viewer).


Help - Displays this help manual.


Yellow Folder - Displays the Find Dialog to select a Vendor or PO Number.


Red X - Clears the Vendor entry or PO Number field.


Video - Displays a video on using this form (not available on all forms).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.


  Single Store Icon - Displays the Find Dialog to select a unique store.




Receiver Number - The receiver number assigned to this receiving document by the system.


Date - The date of the receiver.


P.O. Number - The purchase order, if any, associated with this receiver.


Rec'd From - The vendor of the products listed on this receiver.


Invoice Number - The vendor invoice number.


PLU Number - Enter a valid PLU number to receive or press the button to the right to display a Find Dialog.


... (Find) - Selects and adds an inventory item to receive (see Find Dialog)


Description - Displays the product description. (read-only)


Qty - Enter the case quantity received in the unit of measure you purchased in.


Case Cost - Accept or edit the case cost.


Extended - The extended cost calculated as QTY * CASE COST (read-only)