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Report Viewer





The report viewer allows viewing and optionally printed a report. Reports can be viewed in a variety of page configurations and zoom levels.




Prints - Sends the formatted data to the printer.


Page Setup - Opens the Page Setup dialog


Close - Closes the print dialog without printing.


First - Displays the first page of the report


Help - Displays this help manual.


Export - Exports the report to a CSV (comma separated values) file. Exported files can then be dragged and dropped directly into a spreadsheet.


Refresh - Refreshes the report with current data.


Sort - Displays a list of available columns to sort on. Sorted columns can be combined and sorted in ascending or descending order.


Zoom - Click to change the zoom level. Valid choices are:


Page Width

Full Page

Two Pages








Prev - Displays the previous page of the report.


Next - Displays the next page in the report.


Last - Displays the last page in the report.