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Extended Check Processing Properties (Main Menu / Setup / Store / Media / Additional Settings)





This dialog is where you define additional settings required by some check processors.




Edit - Edits the current settings.


Save - Saves changes to the current settings.


Cancel - Cancels the current operation.


Close - Closes the Customers form.


Reset - Resets all settings to defaults.


Help - Displays the help menu (see Help Menu).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.




Prompts -Used to select additional cashier prompts.


Name - The name listed on the check writer's check.

Date of Birth - The check writer's date of birth printed on their driver license

Driver License - The check writer's driver license number

State - The state that issued the check writer's driver license


Return Check Fee - The amount the check writer will be charged if their check is returned unpaid.


Approvals - Approval text that appears on the customer receipt.


Denials - Denial text that appears on the customer receipt.