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Families (Main Menu / Data / Inventory / Families)





Pricing families allow grouping varieties of the same item whose prices change as a group, thus eliminating the need to change each individual item when a price change occurs.


An example of a pricing family is Campbell's Red and White soups. Campbell's Chicken Noodle, Campbell's Minestrone, and Campbell's Tomato are all varieties of Campbell's soups. These will typically be priced the same making them an ideal candidates for a pricing family.


Another example of a pricing family is Coca Cola 12 OZ cans. Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Coke Zero, Barq's and Sprite are all varieties of Coca Cola 12 ounce products. These are also prime candidates for a pricing family.




Find - Selects and displays a pricing family (see Find Dialog)


New - Adds a new pricing family.


Edit - Edits the current pricing family.


Delete - Permanently deletes the current pricing family.


Save - Saves changes to the current pricing family.


Cancel - Cancels the current operation.


Close - Closes the Families form.


Keys - Displays the on-screen keyboard (see On-Screen Keyboard).


List - Displays and optionally prints a list of families (see Family List).


Help - Displays the help menu (see Help Menu).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.




Family Number - A numeric entry between 1 and 99999999.





Name - Entries limited to 40 alphanumeric characters.



Campbell's Red and White Soups