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Import Employees





The Import dialog provides the ability to import data stored either in ASCII or CSV format.




Execute - Executes the current import.


This option is available once the definition section is completed and a data file is selected.


Close - Closes the Import dialog.


Help - Displays the help menu (see Help Menu).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.




File Type - ASCII or CSV (Comma Separated Values),


Definition - The layout definition to be used when transforming the data.


For ASCII Files this includes a Start and Length Column for the data fields being imported.


Example of Data File:



John           Doe            1234 Main Street    Dallas         TX75252    2143801234

Jennifer       Brown          5500 N Preston      Dallas         TX75252    2143805678


Corresponding Definition:


Column Name     Start   Length

-----------     -----   ------

Full Name

First Name          1       15

Last Name          16       15

Address            31       20


City               51       15

State              66        2

Zip                68        9

Telephone          77       10



For CSV Files the definition requires only an ordinal for the data to import.


Example of Data File:


John,Doe,1234 Main Street,Dallas,TX,75252,2143801234

Jennifer,Brown,5500 N Preston,Dallas,TX,75252,2143805678


Corresponding Definition:


Column Name     Ordinal

-----------     -------

Full Name

First Name            1       

Last Name             2      

Address               3      


City                  4      

State                 5      

Zip                   6      

Telephone             7      


Data File - Selects the appropriate data file to import data from.


Preview - Allows previewing the imported data before committing to file. Click the button below Preview to view.